Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How does a Millenial deal powerfully with Joblessness and Employers who won't hire?

You were forced down the path of going to college. You clawed your way through many all-nighters to graduate. Now you are uncomfortably living at home, if you are not homeless. If you desire a non- dead-end job you hit the pavement searching for a job that will give you a lasting career.

The employers begin the interview by saying that they don't want someone who just wants the job but someone truly passionate about this field. Being that you can't fake your feelings towards your reality, you can't hide the fact that you are desperate for the job. You can't ignore your family responsibilities. You may have given up prospects for a family to live cheaply and now they are saying that you can't appear as though you want the job. Have these employers forgotten what it is like to be on the other side of the table? When job security, dignity of independence and a meal on your own accord isn't guaranteed. How can it even be a factor for them to consider the decision on whether or not the person wants the job so he can have these things. You are applying for this particular job because you have been unable to get hired anywhere else. If given the chance you will surely excel and work your way deeper into that field. You want these employers to give you a chance. Then you will be the best darned banker, human resources professional, salesman, warehouse associate, tennis professional, SEO consultant they ever saw. Once you have the base to earn money at a livable wage and not be scorned, you will get in better shape, sleep better and work harder than everyone else.

If you are in this situation of applying and interviewing without getting a chance to prove your talents you lose all confidence in handling the situation. You may have also been hired than immediately let go before being properly trained or able to learn from others on the job. You could go ape shit angry and burn down every business that didn't hire you. But the fat cats that refuse to give you a chance wouldn't blame themselves but say you are not hire-able because you are so angry.  You know that you must persevere and hope that Christ warms the heart of a respectable employer who knows that Millennials should be given a chance to succeed in this life. During this Great Recession, you are told to start your own business. However, this is slow going as many companies need to hit a break though before even $100 can be made. In the mean time you have homelessness looming in your face. Gone are the days of Millennials being able to nonchalantly  skip through life. It is a fight to the DEATH to make heaps of money. There is no balanced life. While the fat cat hiring managers decide what ab exercise to do or what color the wall paper in the interview room should be. Gone are the thoughts of innocence towards these employers who refuse to hire you and give you a chance to prove yourself. If they give you a foot inside their company you can then gloriously esteem everything that the hiring torch-bearer actually does. While you and her are both not starving you can then appreciate all her long hours, and broken nails. But while you are sitting inside your car in the middle of the woods at night with the gun in your mouth, ready to pull the trigger all you can ask is for an opportunity. An opportunity to transform yourself professionally and expose her company to ideas never before considered. But rather than look into the fact they have made your life so hopeless and bleak they will blame you for feeling blue. They will say you are not hirable. This oppression needs to stop. This joblessness for millennials is a holocaust of sorts. These ruthless hiring managers should be burned at the stake.

It is my hope that you will live in a world that is capitalistic and unregulated. So Companies can make money easily and not bring people into the interview only to not hire them. A world where companies have a surplus of money and resources to train people extensively.  And if they are unsatisfactory find them another employer before batching them off into homelessness. A world where people matter. A world for the  many not the few. A world where companies don't have big company picnics or barbeques but instead a livable wage for their employees. A world where you can make money for your own business easily. A world without patents and copyrights. It is my hope that you will live in a world where you are not part of the only group of people that has to take personal responsibility for his or her actions. And in this world, maybe just maybe employers and hiring managers will examine themselves before they deal with their Maker. Who will remind them about Lazarus begging outside the Rich man's home. The company being the rich man's house. And the millennial who is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done in an ethical manner, the one begging outside the home. The millennial who is ready to paint his face and go to war for a worthy company if only the gate was opened.

Still you want victory in Christ, or merely in yourself. You want to meet the world in a non angry, loving, confident way. You want to believe you have a chance to be hired or make money with your company in the United States. You want to be able to happily associate with every aged person from the cradle to the grave. You want to finally be able to move out of your family's home and be free. You then want to have enough money to live comfortably. So you can then contribute creatively to the world. So you can then give to others in a similar ilk. So you can influence the smug fat cats to step up their levels of personal inventory. If they hired you, you could appreciate every darned suffering they go through. All in all, you want some employer to give you a chance. You want to have the business breakthrough so you can work for yourself. You want to be able to shut up that obnoxious neighbor that condescendingly talks about his kids success. You want to be able to do your own thing and forget all the people that will respond here hatefully to you and I. You want to have the financial freedom to leisurely pursue faith and philosophy You want to share the Student Volunteer motto: "Let's win the world for Christ in this generation." You want to show the world what you can do! You want to show them how you are the next Edison, the next Picasso.  All of these things require a livable wage. You want to show them you are the most creative person if you are given the proper environment and opportunity. You need to have security to know you want be hastily fired. Then you can relax and perform at your best. YOU WANT A CHANCE FROM THE EMPLOYER'S HIRING MANGER TO WORK AT THE COMPANY FOR A LIVABLE WAGE!!!!!

What service to society are these godless hiring mangers who are ruled by conventional wisdom offering to society? They won't ever hire anyone who is transitioning industries. So if you pick a first job in retail you are stuck in that reality for the rest of your life. Even though you work countless other jobs while they sit on their ass. These hiring managers make you sick, You could be so much further ahead if you had had the money that comes from a steady job if they hired you. You are far more eager than the dopes that exist in most jobs. You are being denied a living wage because these hiring managers reduce you to your background. They cannot see pass that and they wonder why their companies don't have that quantum leap advantage that Dan Pena references. They force people into overdosing on dope, joining gangs, and to living at home with their parents. It is the ultimate humiliation. I think these idiot hiring managers should be put in the old fashioned stockings and ridiculed by the public for ruining so many people's lives. Condemning these people to never advancing in society. Still the idea of two presentations or interviews a week and you are sure to succeed in getting a job is an idea from Dan Penas QLA. You have gone to a career center and learned much about professional development. You just need one of these intelligent hiring mangers to give you  a real shot.

Nevertheless, You will continue personal and professional development training. You will workout, body build. You will find every resource on business success. You will work 70 to 100 hour weeks on developing your business and applying to jobs. Not being hired is simply an enormous roadblock that you will find a way around. And any hiring manager that doesn't see the passion exhibited here is very short sighted. And by getting her panties in a bunch she is drastically limiting the businesses growth rate. She needs to be patted on the back and not hire anyone to bring the company to the next level. When you make it in business, don't forget the companies that didn't hire you or fired you. Don't make a deal with them. And any hiring manager who doesn't see someone as overcoming their justified anger in a great wrong done to them to achieve creative outcomes is truly short sighted. One needs the peace and power of Christ to have such staying power.

Even the hoplessness of joblessness can be overcome by absorbing the victorious power found within this book. 

true meaning of Christmas (no gifts)

       The true meaning of Christmas should be to live as simply and as non-materialistic as our Savior. People who act in such a way are the true celebrators of  Christmas. Instead these people are lambasted as Grinches each year. They are forced to spend money they don't have on gifts to quiet the loud mouthed gift obsessed population. Time should be spent in a meaningful celebration that makes Christ's power a reality. Can someone explain to me the origination of the Christmas tree and all the other traditions? Reduce it all to a Spirit filled sermon and summoning of the Presence of Christ. To accomplish this I highly recommend one book. Let this book be the only gift for Christmas this year. The family that reads and discusses this and the corresponding biblical texts will have the richest holiday of their lives.

Heroes of the 88th floor Frank de Martini and Pablo Ortiz, September 11th, 2001

       Frank de Martini and Pablo Ortiz are the true heroes of September 11th, 2001. They unselfishly traveled up the world trade center instead of going down to safety. This was to rescue as many people as possibly. They save 77 people in all. The best way to hear their story is simply to watch the documentary at the bottom of the page. But I first ask you the following questions: How unselfish does Jesus ask us to be? What would Christ have done in a similar situation? How does one balance unselfishness with self-preservation?

       The evil in the situation must also be acknowledged.  The true enemies of Christ are the Muslims who were involved in the September 11th attacks. I make no apologies for that statement. Let them apologize for the attacks. As if that would bring back any lives. Mohammed Atta was as Americanized as any secularist could be. He even had a drug problem in Florida. If we can expose the hatred the Muslim faith has for everyday men and women like ourselves, future lives can be saved.

  God Bless Frank and Pablo and anyone directly affected by September 11th, 2001. This book will help give you a portion of the strength Frank and Pablo exhibited.